LLAB first came into service on the 16th of June, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Our founding members were a small group of people who have passion for photography, film lab technicians, and printing specialists. We shared our love for analogue photography during the rise of the digital era. We strongly believe that film photography will always have a special stand point in the Art world because of its uniqueness and creative process. In addition, we want to provide excellent service to those who share the same love for analogue photography just like us. We experimented and tasted hardship, to bring a completed and well established LLAB.
We are obsessed by excellent quality; we care for the precise technique, attention to details, quality and customer satisfactory rather than quantity. LLAB is proudly announce that we are always continue to professionalise our services through application of new and improved techniques as well as our experience. We will always appreciate our customers’ creative products as if it is our own.
Founded by photography enthusiasts, for photography enthusiasts and analogue lovers, we created an LLAB with unique style in Vietnam. Bring a new and positive experience to our customers when using our service.
We believe that with our continued service improvement, in addition to our team members’ experience and expertise, our customers will never be disappointed when using our analogue service.
It is our pleasure to receive every opportunity to provide our excellent service to you, our beloved customers.