How do I receive my photos after processing?

LLab shares via Google Drive and stores for 60 days and share in view. Please Download to your computer after receiving the email to avoid losing files when the lab deletes the file after 60 days of storage. Please DO NOT USE THE “ADD TO MY DRIVE” FUNCTION.

How long is my negatives/positives kept?

Customer negatives and positives will be kept at the LLab for 15 days, the specified time is in the customer confirmation email. To receive your negatives at the lab, a customer comes to read his / her information (phone number, email or order number). In case the customer is unable to pick up within 15 days and still wants to keep longer or needs to ship to his or her address, please let the lab know within the storage period. After 15 days the lab will throw away the negative if there is no further request.

I don't live in your city, but if I want to develop film with LLab?

For remote customers wishing to use the service, please send the film by post according to the following instructions:

1. Please attach a paper form containing the sender’s information including: Phone number, Name, Email of the sender

LLab staff will create an order based on the sender information and the customer will receive an electronic receipt via the email provided. Film after processing will send files via Google Drive and share to email customers registered previously. LLab will not be responsible for the loss / delay due to the incorrect address of the customer, not attaching information as instructed. No information attached will not identify the customer and will move to another department to wait for confirmation.

2. Mail to one of the LLab 

LLab District 1:

LLab District 3:

LLab Giang Vo (Ha Noi):

Hotline: 024 320 35 120

Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

3. Payment:

Please note: Orders can only be processed and shared after payment is made, please refer to the above service fee schedule and pay for the order according to the information at here

After paying via bank transfer, please send a receipt confirming the successful transfer with your information to email [email protected] or send it to the LLab inbox at the address where the film is sent for confirmation by Lab staff.

In other cases of inadequacy, please call LLab staff to help you quickly.

How does LLab store our negatives?

Customers negatives are rolled up separately with the canister and stored in paper bags. LLab does not rewind the film to the canister after processing, the reason: Negative is easily scratched and hardened after a while, even develops fungus and smells bad. For customers wishing to re-scan the negative later, the rolled negative on the canister when removed will be spiraled and cannot be worked on because the film cannot be straightened.

Customers wishing to roll the film back to the canister please do it at home with tape to connect the developed film to the canister then rewind.

Lab also recommends that customers use a dedicated film printfile to store negative in a scientific and durable way.

How do I track my orders?

With our online system. Customers can easily look up information about order processing status, negative storage status via website:

Also, LLab has released application for smart devices . All order information will automatic updated to the application with Notification as well. (process status, storage status, news…)

So, customer can download it for iOS here or for Android here to improve your experience at LLab

The order number is the 7-digit code of the electronic receipt attached to the confirmation email (eg: N2311012 …). Please check the electronic receipt for your order number and look up.

In case the order has been processed but the customer has not yet received the photo shared by email. Please call facility number for staff to check the information and share it again

How long does it take to complete my order?

Estimated file turnaround time:

– Color film 135/120: Turnaround time expected within a day (Maximum 48 hours)

– Black and white film (BW): Up to 72 hours

– Vision / Cinema: Within 24 hours

– Film Slide (E-6): Up to 15 days

– Film Slide BW /Reversal BW: Within 30 days

How much is your service fee?

LLab’s service fee is as follow:

(Refer to the information below, or call / message the fanpage for a specific quote)

Standard Package (Develop + scan)

110 film : 80k / roll

Color film AP-S (240): 60k / roll


135 color film: 40k / roll.

120 color: 50k / roll

Cross-dev slide (C41): 70k / roll

4 × 5 color film: 150k / sheet

8 × 10 color film: 200k / sheet

Color film Pull / Push: 20k / stop

Black and white 110 / AP-S / 135/120: 80k / roll

Black and white film 4 × 5: 100k / sheet

Black and white film 8 × 10: 150k / sheet

Black and white film Pull / Push: + 20k / stop


Film Slide 135/120: 250k / roll

Film Slide 4 × 5: 250k / sheet

Film Slide 8 × 10: 350k / sheet

Film Cinema / Vision: 75k / roll.

Black and white film 135 Reversal: 280k / roll

Black and white film 120 Reversal: 350k / roll

Black and white film 4 × 5 Reversal: 250k / sheet

Black and white film 8 × 10 Reversal: 350k / sheet


Additional services (upon request):

C41 express develop and scan (60 minutes): add 15k / roll

Push Film Color C41 \ Film Cine: + 15k / Stop

BW express scanning (30 minutes): + 60k / roll

Dev scan BW within 24hrs: + 40k / roll

Scan BMP / TIFF: + 15k / roll (please bring usb to copy)

Scan TIFF (16bit): + 20k / roll (please bring USB to copy)

Drum Scan 125Mp (can only): 300k / sheet (4 × 5/8 × 10)

Required Surcharge:

Film 135 shot on Medium scan full border: Surcharge 30k

Film 120 scan size 6 × 12/6 × 17/6 × 19: Surcharge 50k / roll

Film 135 captures 4 frame frame 120 scan machine: Surcharge 30k / roll

I want to print my photos with Llab, what should I do?

Customers who need to print photos can send pictures to be printed via mail [email protected] or compress their photos into a folder and upload to their Google Drive, then share via email [email protected] with information to create an order including :

  • Name :
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Amount and required printing size
  • Shipping address (if you can’t come and collect your photos in person)
  • Or copy files directly: Customers bring a USB to LLab, staff here will create orders and copy files to print. LLab staff who receive the message will create a printed form and send a confirmation email + payment instructions.

Please note: Orders can only be printed after payment is made within 72 hours from the time the order was created.

For the cost of printing photos, please refer to:

What are the payment method at LLab?

Orders at LLab can be paid in one of the following ways:

– Pay in cash directly at the counter

– Card payment at the counter (District 1 only)

– Payment via bank transfer according to the following information:

  • Techcombank Bank Account

Tran Nguyen Linh

Techcombank Bank – HCMC Branch

Acc no: 19034380429015

  • Vietcombank Bank Account

Tran Nguyen Linh

Vietcombank Bank – Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Acc no: 0071000965010

Where do I provide feedback on LLab services?

LLab would like to acknowledge the comments on the service attitude of LLab staff throughout the network via hotline 0777 135 120 (Call or SMS)

Or email to: [email protected]. LLab always listens to customer comments on everything! Help LLab improve its service in a more positive and friendly way!