1. Photo sizing

  • All sizes from 6×9 (cm) to 127×400 (cm). All pictures are print with Minilab/Prolab technology to keep quality as 99% real color.

2.Printing Method:

  • Aside from the common photo size, LLab also provide Polaroid-like printing such as 6×99 and Instax 4×5 (see image). You can choose a printing method when completing the order.










3. Method of sending in images:

  • Via email: Place all of the images that you would like us to print into a folder then upload to your Google Drive then share the file to [email protected] then call us to confirm your preferred printing method.
  • Via direct file transfer: You can bring a USB to LLab, our staff will create an order and transfer the file for printing.

4.Processing time:

  • All printing images will be processed within 72 hours. You will receive a message from LLab to notify that the order is completed.

Payment method:

  • Direct payment at LLab
  • Bank transfer (please see our payment details here)
  • Order will only be processed when paid in full (please see our payment details here)

Pricing (VND):

6×9               3,000
10×15               4,000
6×9                 2,000
10×15                 3,000
13×18                 4,000
15×21                 8,000
20×30              20,000
15X15                 7,000
20X20              12,000
20X25              15,000
25X30              20,000
25X35              25,000
30X30              25,000
30X40              30,000
30X45              35,000
35X50                 40,000
40X50                 45,000
40X60                 55,000
50X60                 65,000
50X70                 75,000
50X75                 75,000
60X80                 85,000
60X85                 90,000
60X90                 65,000
70X110               130,000
76X115               150,000
80X120               200,000
90X130               230,000

Please note: Order will only be printing once the payment is completed.

Please call: 0934067834 to customer support.